Partner with ILG

If you work with or know people/businesses that are in need of cash, you can earn up to 33% of the fees collected by Initial Lending Group. ILG is looking for clients with responsible credit history for start-up and personal loans. For business loans, we will look at everything. This is a great way to put a lot of extra money in your pocket.

ILG pays commissions in tiers:
  • 1-10 Qualified* leads a month = 17.5% of fees collected
  • 11-24 Qualified leads a month = 25% of fees collected
  • 25+ Qualified leads a month = 33% of fees collected

Call or click on the link and fill out the broker relations application. You will have to be approved by ILG, and will not be paid unless your application has been approved.

Someone from our broker relations department will process your request shortly.

*A qualified lead is one that ILG pre-qualifies and the client moves forward with our program. It does not have to fund to qualify but ILG does have to receive a signed (electronically or standard) Letter of Understanding from the client.