Startup Business Loans
$10,000 – $150,000

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Did you know that the average business owner has a net worth about five times that of the average employee? Therefore, you are making the right choice starting your own business. However, this may not be an easy road to travel; requiring ingenuity and overcoming a variety of obstacles.  One of the largest is the maintenance of your company’s financial health. One of your initial choices in starting your own company is the decision to self finance, thus maintaining 100% control, or attract other investors limiting your maneuverability and sharing in the profits. It is clear that the former will allow you greater decision–making and financial flexibility.

In the beginning stages of establishing a successful enterprise, it is crucial that you attain sufficient capital to attract good employees, appropriate office space and fund basic expenses to maximize your business potential.

Here at Initial Lending Group (ILG) we specialize in attaining the appropriate financing required to make you and your business successful. Startup Business Loans are always the toughest loans to acquire. ILG knows, based on various factors, what lenders are willing to finance your business. By going through ILG, you will benefit from our extensive financing knowledge that will get your business over the hump and well past the infancy stages.

Typical terms for Startup Business Loans are:

  • Rates:   Prime + 3.50% – Prime + 6.75%
  • Terms:  Loans 24 – 60 months
  • Lines of Credit – No set term
  • Prime rate is currently 3.25%

ILG is excited to work for you. To pre-qualify now, click the link below and sit back and let us set up the loans/lines of credit for you. Your application will take only a short moment to complete. One of our loan specialists will process your request shortly.Thank you for the opportunity to assist you in achieving your goals.Initial Lending Group Startup Business Loans

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you in achieving your goals.